EV Rider Transport Plus Folding Mobility Scooter


Overall Length 36″
Overall Width 21″
Overall Height (at Maximum Tiller Height) 37 ½”
Overall Height – at Minimum Tiller Height 31″
Legroom – Floorboard Length x Width 19″ x 13″
Deck Height – Floorboard to Floor 6.5″
Ground Clearance 2.4″
Turning Radius 32.3″
Folded Overall Length 31″
Folded Overall Width 19″
Folded Overall Height 18″
Weight with Std. 12V12Ah Batteries 70 lb
Weight with Opt. 112V11.5Ah Li Ion Batteries 60 lb
Weight without Batteries 46 lb
Seat Type Folding backrest, ABS plastic with high desity foam cushion
Seat – Width & Depth & Height 16″ x 13½” x 13½”
Seat – Cushion Thickness 1″
Seat Height – Cushion to Deck 14″
Seat Height – Cushion to Floor 20.5″
Tire Type Solid rubber front and rear
Rim Type Rear Cast Aluminum
Rim Type Front ABS Plastic
OEM Spec Rear 200 x 50
Outside Diameter Rear 8″
Tire Width Rear 2″
OEM Spec Front 180/40
Outside Diameter Front 7″
Tire Width Front 1.6″
Battery Type & Power Std. Two 12V12Ah SLA Optional 24V11.5Ah Li Ion Battery Pack
Brake System Electromagnetic Brake
Climbing Angle – Maximum Recommended 6 degrees
Charger Type 2 Amp, 110/240 Volt SLA Charger 2.5 Amp,110/240 Volt,Li-ION Charger
Charging Time 4 – 6 hours
Controller S-Drive 45 Amp
*Driving Range 10 – 15 miles
Load Capacity 250 lbs (115 kgs)
Motor & Drive Location 4-pole, 270 Watt, Rear-Wheel Drive
*Speed – Maximum 4 mph
Colors Metallic Blue, Burgundy, Copper and Plum
Tiller Type Height Adjustable
Throttle Control Type Digital Wig-Wag
Anti-Tipper Wheels-Rear Standard

EV Rider Transport Plus Folding Mobility Scooter

looking for an airline approved mobility scooter that is lightweight and reliable?  Finding the right folding mobility scooter can be a challenge because many models are either too bulky or too heavy for the end user.  Also bringing these types of mobility scooters on a plane can be tricky because airlines are strict on the types of batteries you are allowed to bring on an aircraft.

The EV Rider Transport Plus folding mobility scooter is airline approved, lightweight and easy to transport.   With its easy to fold frame and comfortable cushioned chair, it’s no wonder EV Rider continues to be a market leader in the mobility industry.  They put the consumer’s comfort and needs first.


The Transport Plus is a folding scooter that measures 36 inches in length and 21 inches wide.  It is very simple to fold up and stow away.  When the scooter is folded, the frame stands up on its rear casters and measures just 31 inches in length by 19 inches in width.

So not only is it compact, but when it is folded, it can be wheeled around like a piece of luggage.  Total weight of this unit is 70 lbs, however the battery can be easily removed.  When this is done, the unit weighs only 46 lbs!


This EV Rider scooter was designed with the safety of the rider in mind.  First, this unit can only be operated with the key, so there is no reason to be weary of theft of this unit when you are not around.  Also, the Transport Plus comes standard with a speed dial that you can set to limit how fast or slow you ride.

So whether you want to be leisurely around the office or home or go fast to get to the restroom, you are covered!   Another wonderful safety feature is the full lighting package.  This mobility scooter comes with front and rear lights, so you will be safe when the sun goes down and you are riding in the evening.  Braking can also be a concern for some people.

This unit also comes with electromagnetic brakes, so stopping is easy and effortless.  With electromagnetic brakes, when the throttle is released, the unit starts braking and goes into a smooth, slow-hard stop that is seamless.  Also, the unit has a simple dash that offers a digital display, battery level indicator, and a horn for added safety.


The Transport Plus is a great choice when you want to be ride around town all day long.  This scooter comes with a powerful 270W motor that is powered from its rear wheels.  The wheels are measured at 7 inches in the two rear wheels and 8 inches with the wheels up front.  They are also flat free, so there is no need to worry about inflating your tires.

It has enough power to climb up inclines of 6 degrees.  The battery life on this unit is 15 miles per charge, which is long compared to other units in its class.  It also has a 250 lbs weight capacity, so it is capable of holding the weight of an above average rider.

This folding mobility scooter is perfect for the active traveler.  It is also ideal for students, professionals, disabled, elderly, and even pregnant women.  The Transport Plus is a great choice for people who need a scooter for work, travel, or even to play!

EV Rider Transport Plus Benefits & Features:

  • A true one, two, three-step folding/travel scooter
  • Unique design uses unusual folding concept
  • Easy to lug around at home, hotels or airports
  • Can be stowed upright in any closet or corner
  • Powerful 270 Watt 4-pole motor
  • Articulated front end adds to greater stability
  • 10 to 15 mile range per charge
  • Lighting Package: front and rear lights
  • Digital display
  • Removable seat


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