FreeRider Apollo II Power Chair


Apollo Power Chair 2 Specifications:

Weight Capacity 470 lbs
Turning Radius 21″
Top Speed Up to 5 mph
Ground Clearance 3.6″
Safety Incline Rating 6 degree
Range 12 miles with 33Ah battery, 20 miles with 50Ah batteries
Overall Width 26″
Overall Length 47″
Overall Weight 233 lbs
Casters 6″
Drive Wheels 12.5″ PU solid tire
Seat Type Captain Seat, swivel, reclining
Seat Width 20″
Seat Depth 20″
Seat Belt Yes
Handle Type Joystick
Armrest Type Full-long, heavy-duty padded armrest  (width adjustable)
Battery Type AGM battery
Off-board charger 24V5A, 100~240V

FreeRider Apollo II Power Chair

What could be more efficient than a power wheelchair that can handle both your outdoor adventures, as well as your indoor chores? The FreeRider Apollo II Power Wheelchair has several robust characteristics that increase its durability and enable it to handle very rough conditions in addition to its massive weight capacity. Also, due to its short turning radius function, it is great for confined spaces, such as your kitchen, living room, and so forth. So, if you’re looking for a power chair that’s equally effective and budget-friendly, then the Apollo Chair II is definitely the one you should be opting for.


Rugged Yet Comfortable

What says more compact than a heavy-duty, full-sized power chair that can take on rugged surfaces and still carry a stylish look while at it? The Apollo Chair 2 is a sturdy ride with a huge weight capacity of up to 470Lbs that has been designed with longevity and strong reliability in mind. So, if you need a power chair with a high weight capacity, hop on this robust, comfortable ride, and set out to experience the pinnacle of freedom right now.

Powerful Front-Wheel Acceleration

This power chair features an innovative front-wheel design for traversing various types of terrain with precise control and flexibility. The solid 12.5″ inflatable tires on this front-wheel drive power wheelchair have a large weight capacity, are durable, and ensure to provide you with the smoothest ride possible, no matter how bumpy the surface may get.

Stylish Power Chair within a Budget

The spacious, attractive captain’s seat that is mounted on a chic maroon base gives this front-wheel drive power wheelchair a classy touch. Even with its attractive looks, the power chair does not compromise when it comes to maintaining utmost stability. Given its excellent appearance and stable riding features, its remarkable how affordable this power chair is on the market.

A Very Speedy Power Wheelchair

This robust wheelchair has various customization option for its battery size, depending on which its speed can range up to 12-20 miles per charge. It has a maximum speed of 4 MPH, offering you the fastest possible ride with the most stability and comfort. So, look no further and get the Freerider Apollo Power Chair 2 for the most swift and convenient ride.

Apollo Power Chair 2 Benefits & Features:

  • Weight Capacity 470 lbs
  • Turning Radius 21″
  • Top Speed Up to 5 mph
  • Ground Clearance 3.6″
  • Safety Incline Rating 6 degree
  • Range Up to 20 miles by 50ah AGM batteries
    12 miles by U1 batteries


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