Journey Air Lightweight Folding Power Chair (35 lbs)


Journey Air Lightweight Folding Power Chair Specifications:

Overall Dimensions: Length: 36.22″
Width: 22″
Depth: 35″
Seat Dimensions: Height: 18″
Width: 16.5″
Depth: 15.7″
Arm Height: 9.8″
Seatback Height: 16.5″
Weight with Battery: 37.47 lbs
Weight without Battery: 34.83 lbs
Weight Capacity: 240 lbs
Max Speed: 2.8 mph
Max Rotation Radius: 35.4″
Max Climbing Angle:
Braking Distance: 39.3″ (on a level surface)
Battery Range: up to 10 miles
Frame: Aircraft grade aluminum alloy
Motor Type: 24 V/150 W *2
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion, 24V, 6Ah
Max Output Current of Controller: 35 A
Max Output Current of Charger:  2 A
Wheels: Front: Flat-free tire, O.D. 6″
Rear: Flat-free tire, O.D. 12″
Color: Silver
Weight:  35 lbs

Journey Air Lightweight Folding Power Chair (35 lbs)

searching for an extremely lightweight and foldable power wheelchair?  How about one that is airline approved as well?  Well you have found it!  The Journey Air power chair is a remarkable mobility aid that weighs a mere 35 pounds without the battery, making it lightweight and easily portable. Despite its lightweight construction, this chair is a top performer, boasting exceptional performance.

Easy Operating System

The user-friendly joystick and powerful dual drive system on this electric wheelchair make it easy to maneuver, allowing for quick and safe movement. Its compact design allows it to easily fit through doorways and navigate tight spaces, making it incredibly agile and precise. The powerchair’s two brushless motors operate independently, allowing for agile and accurate turning.

Quick to Transport

Transportation is made easy with the Journey Air Folding Power Wheelchair. Simply pull on the seat handle to fold the chair, and the backrest can be folded down for even greater convenience. The flat-free tires and rear anti-tippers also add to the electric chair’s safety and ease of use.

A Revolutionary Power Wheelchair!

Owning the Journey Air rear-wheel drive power chair has the potential to revolutionize one’s life, allowing them to participate in activities and events that were previously inaccessible. It also makes it easier and more enjoyable for loved ones and caregivers to accompany them on their adventures.

Journey Air Lightweight Folding Power Chair Benefits & Features:

  • Ultra-lightweight yet high strength
  • Quick, responsive and maneuverable
  • Electronic brakes instead of manual brakes
  • Comfortable and easy-to-operate with one finger
  • Can switch joystick to right or left side easily
  • Fits easily through doorways and pulls up to tables
  • Armrests lift up for easy transfer to and from chair
  • Ten mile range on a single charge with extra battery storage
  • Foldable for easy transport and storage
  • Battery pack is easy to charge
  • USB charging port for cell phones
  • Perfect for dining, shopping, sightseeing and more!
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