Journey Zoomer Chair Portable Lightweight Power Wheelchair


Journey Zoomer Chair Specifications:

Weight Capacity 275 lbs
Overall Dimensions 34″L x 25″W x 35″H
Folded Dimensions 46″L x 25″W x 12″H
Armrest Height 25.5″
Floor to Seat Height 20.5″
Seat Dimensions 16.5″W x 13″D
Max Incline/Decline Grade 10 degrees
Turning Radius 33.4″
Max Speed 3.7 mph
Travel Range 8.1 miles
Battery 8.7 Ah, 24V DC
Rear Wheel Size 10″
Front Wheel Size 7″
Weight of Chair (without Battery) 45.8 lbs
Weight of Chair (with Battery) 49.8 lbs

Journey Zoomer Chair Portable Lightweight Power Wheelchair

Looking for a lightweight and foldable electric wheelchair that can take you anywhere in comfort and style? Look no further than the Zoomer Chair! This incredible power chair boasts the same level of functionality as a full-size electric wheelchair, but with a portable design that makes it the perfect travel companion.

With its easy-to-use release cable system, the Zoomer Electric Wheelchair can be folded and unfolded in just seconds, with no additional tools or disassembly required. And at just 50 pounds, including the battery, this power chair is easy to fit in virtually any vehicle trunk or back seat.

But don’t let its lightweight design fool you, this Zoomer power chair by Journey is powered by a powerful 240W Hour Lithium battery that provides plenty of range for all your adventures. And with its airline-safe design, you can take it with you wherever you go.

Best Features of this Lightweight Powerchair:

One-Handed Joystick Steering for Simplicity and Convenience:

Experience complete control with the advanced joystick on this lightweight electric wheelchair, designed for unparalleled precision and responsiveness. Move effortlessly in any direction with full 360-degree control at your fingertips.

Adjust your speed with ease, whether you need to slow down for a tricky maneuver or speed up to reach your destination in record time. The joystick’s speed range and intuitive design make it the perfect choice for any situation. Take your control to the next level and experience the ultimate in joystick technology.

Convenient Design for Easy Use in Tight Spaces:

With its innovative design, the Zoomer portable powerchair effortlessly rolls right up to and under standard tables and desks without requiring any adjustments, seat changes, or complicated parking. When it’s time to leave, simply pull back on the joystick and the chair backs out smoothly and conveniently. Say goodbye to the hassle and fuss of traditional mobility devices and experience the ultimate in simplicity and convenience with the Zoomer.

Versatile Performance – Ideal for both Indoor and Outdoor Use:

Get ready to navigate tight indoor spaces and rugged outdoor terrain with ease with the Zoomer Rear-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair! With its incredibly small 33.4-inch turning radius, making tight turns in cramped indoor spaces has never been easier. And when you’re ready to venture outside, the Zoomer’s powerful dual motors and low center of gravity let you tackle most surfaces without the risk of tipping. Whether you’re on grass, small gravel, or bumps up to 2 inches, the Zoomer can handle it all with ease.

Quick and Convenient Portability:

Say goodbye to the hassle of bulky and cumbersome mobility devices with the Zoomer! With its easy folding mechanism, you can fold this folding powerchair down to just 12 inches in seconds by simply pulling the release cable. There are no parts to assemble or disassemble, making it the perfect solution for anyone on the go. And when you’re ready to ride, just pull the cable again and unfold it like a lawn chair – you’ll be zooming away in no time!

Easy to Transport:

Weighing in at just 52 lbs. including the battery, the Zoomer Chair by Journey is light enough for you or a helper to easily put it in your back seat or trunk. No ramps or lifts needed – just fold it up and go! And when it’s folded, it even rolls like a suitcase, making it the ultimate in portability and convenience.

On-the-Go Accessibility:

This electric wheelchair is the perfect solution for getting around the house, running errands, and even traveling the world! With its compact size and lightweight design, the Zoomer is the ultimate companion for shopping, dining out, visiting the doctor, and more. And when it comes to traveling, this lightweight powerchair makes it easier than ever to get around – whether you’re taking a cruise or flying to a new destination.

So if you’re looking for a versatile and portable electric wheelchair that can take you anywhere in comfort and style, then the Zoomer Chair is definitely the one for you!

Journey Zoomer Chair Benefits & Features:

  • Lightweight folding design
  • Disassembles into two lightweight sections
  • 25-inch turning radius
  • Multi-terrain tires
  • Easy to use joystick controls
  • Removable, long-lasting battery
  • FREE Challenger Mobility Joystick Cover!


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