Karman Healthcare XO-505 Standing Power Wheelchair


Seat Width 18 inch.
Seat Depth 18/19/20 inch.
Seat Height 23 inch.
Seat-Footplate Range 17.5 inch. ~ 20.5 inch.
Back Height 25 inch.
Overall Height 56.5 inch. w/ Headrest (46.6 inch without Headrest)
Overall Width 28 inch.
Overall Length 45 inch.
Armrest Height 8.5 inch.
Turning Radius 25 degrees
Ground Clearance 2 inch.
Weight Cap 250 lb.
Shipping Dimensions 48 x 40 x 52

Karman Healthcare XO-505 Standing Power Wheelchair

Karman Healthcare is a company committed to improving people’s lives by providing high quality and innovative mobility products that exceed customer expectations.  Perhaps their most innovative and well-built unit they manufacture is the XO-505.  This standing power chair is equipped with a sturdy frame design that allows for better maneuvering and a technologically advanced LCD display for controlling all of the chair’s unique features and getting you in the most comfortable position.


With its powerful six wheel design and rear shock absorbers, the XO-505 is capable of handing the toughest of outdoor terrains.  This unit has a full sit to stand power option as well as a reclining and leg elevating feature.

The LCD full control display is easy to operate and it navigates the unit easily, plus the front and rear wheels are designed to give you the perfect balance in any position you choose.  This Karman power wheelchair is built with 60061 T-6 aircraft grade aluminum, so it is built to be more durable without adding all the extra weight you would normally expect.


There are many benefits to using a stand up power wheelchair.  One of the obvious benefits is the ability to go into a standing position for someone who before, may have not been able to do so.  This is very beneficial when attempting to do everyday tasks around the house or when you are out and about that you would have not been able to do before.

When going to the power standing position, this can be done quickly in just under 15 seconds.  You can also stop the unit at any desired angle.  In addition to standing, this power chair gives the user the ability to recline back and also elevate their legs.  This helps you the get into the most comfortable position, while alleviating pressure.


In addition to the rear shock absorbers on the XO-505, this standing power chair also offers multiple safety harnesses to ensure the user is secure when transitioning into these various positions.  These include a large footplate and leg straps for full leg support, a safety belt to go across your lap, and a dual chest harness to keep your upper body secure.  Being able to do activities you never thought would be possible are actually possible now!


Perhaps the greatest thing about owning a standing power chair is the abundance of health benefits it provides to the user.  We have heard countless stories of how this technologically advanced power chair has helped our customers.  Here is a list of the major benefits one can expect when using the XO-505:

  • Enhances well being and independence
  • Improves reach and passive ranges of motion
  • Maintains vital organ capacity and bone density
  • Reduces urinary tract infection
  • Improves circulation
  • Decrease the occurrence of skeletal deformity
  • Reduce the development of pressure sores
  • You can safely drive in the standing position
  • Relieves pressure and nerve pain

Karman Healthcare XO-505 Benefits & Features:

  • Full control LCD display
  • 6061 T-6 Aircraft-grade Aluminum Frame
  • Full leg rest support cushion
  • Extendable arm/hand support bars on both sides
  • H-style Chest harness
  • Dual front LED headlights (Luxury Model)
  • Rear dual headlights w/ flashing feature (Luxury Model)
  • New powered hydraulic system
  • Range per Charge: ~25 Miles
  • Easy To Use Joystick For Drive & Stand
  • USB support for mobile devices (optional)
  • Rear caster wheels
  • Power Reclining Feature
  • Power Tilting Feature
  • Mid wheel drive
  • Full sit to stand power function
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