Merits P710 Atlantis Heavy Duty Electric Power Wheelchair


Turning Radius: 31.50
Tire Type: Air Filled
Ground Clearance: 3.00″
Top Speed: 5.00 mph
Heaviest Piece: 218 lbs.
Maximum Incline Rating: 10 degrees
Battery Charge Distance: 32.00 miles
Drive Type: Rear Wheel Drive
Foldable: No
Disassembles: No
Legrest Options: Footplate, Upgradable Elevating Legrests
Seat Options: Captain’s Seat
Seat Widths: 24″
Seat Depths: 20″
Back Height: 25″
Maximum Seat to Floor Height: 24″
Overall Width: 30.00″
Overall Length: 44″
Joystick Options: Right, Left
Adjustable Hanger Brackets: No
Frame Type: Heavy-duty
Batteries: 12V, Group 24
Batteries Included: Yes
Battery Charger Type: Off Board
Drive Wheel Size: 12″
Caster Size: 9″
Battery Pack Weight: 86.00 lbs.
Weight Without Batteries: 218.00 lbs.
Suspension: No
Controller Type: Dynamic Shark 60A/PG VR2 60A


searching for a heavy duty rear wheel drive power wheelchair that is built like a tank, yet has great stability and comfort?  Look no further than the Merits P710 Atlantis Power Chair.  This unit merges outstanding power and stability, with its unmatched carrying capacity.  With its top of the line weight capacity of 600 lbs, the Atlantis is as a tough as they come.


Did we mention this power chair is tough?  Well, when you add the phenomenal battery range of 32 miles and maximum speed of 5 mph, its easy to see why the P710 stands out at the top of its class.  This is accomplished because of its super high power dual inline motors.  They can easily negotiate inclines of up to 10 degrees without any issue.


The Atlantis comes with a 24″ extra wide seat and extra high seat back that are sure to provide comfort to just about any body type.  Adjusting the seat inclination is simple to do with the lever on the side of the seat, so you can lean the seat back for comfort or tilt the seat forward for storage or transport.  The seat is securely anchored to the power base with more frame stability and durability.


This unit also comes with armrests that can flip up for easy access.  They can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically, conforming to the riders needs to for maximum comfort.  This heavy duty power chair also comes with an extra wide flip up foot plate with a handle hole.  Its height and extension are adjustable to suit different users.


The motors on this unit are equipped with an advanced braking system, which electromagnetically prevents unwanted rolling while the chair is stationary.  They are also regenerative which means it recovers the kinetic lost while braking and feeds this its power back into the batteries.  This extends the range of the power chair and makes it more efficient.


he Atlantis is equipped with the durable PG VR2 controller, which controls the power chair’s horn, speed, and movement.  It also displays the current battery charge, so you will always know the how long you can ride.  The onboard charging plug is conveniently located on the controller.  Additionally, the swing away joystick comes standard.


This unit has a technologically advanced suspension system that further enhances the stability of the P710.  It also helps provide the ride with a smooth and comfortable journey, both indoors and outdoors.  For additional safety, the P710 comes with the standard seatbelt and reflectors.  This chair has been in production for over 15 years, so you know its a customer favorite.  Pair that with Merits engineering and technical support and you can feel confident knowing you have one the best heavy duty power chairs on the market today.

Merits P710 Atlantis Benefits & Features:

  • Weight capacity: 600lbs
  • Super heavy-duty power wheelchair with unique and prominent design
  • Four seat posts provide more stable and a durable structure for the frame
  • Extra-wide seat and extra-high back provide great comfort for bariatric users
  • Super high power in-line motors help riders negotiate 10° uphill ramps easily
  • Colors available: Red, Blue




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