Pride Jazzy Carbon Travel Lite Power Chair


Model Jazzy Carbon
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
Turning Radius: 24 inch.
Maximum Speed: up to 3.7 mph
Ground Clearance: 2 inch.
Overall Length: 37 inch.
Overall Width: 24 inch.
Seat-to-Ground Height: 19 inch.
Seat-to-Foot Platform Height: 14.5 inch (no adjustment)
Front Wheels: 7 inch.
Rear Wheels: 8.5 inch.
Battery Size: 24V 12AH (288WH)
Suspension: Front
Total Weight: Without Batteries 39 lbs.
Total Weight: With Batteries 43.6 lbs.
Standard Seating: Material Black / Foam
Seat Dimensions: 17 inch. x 17 inch.
Battery Per Charge Range: Up to 9.3 miles
Motor Type: 24v/250W Brushless motors
Standard Electronics: 35A Brushless Micon
Braking System: Dual Braking System, Regenerative and electromechanical
Battery Weight: 4 lbs.
Battery Charger: Off-board, 2-amp lithium-ion
Weight of Heaviest Piece: NA unit folds and doesn’t disassemble
Seat-to-Floor Range: with Standard Cushion 20.75 inch
Seat-to Floor Range: without Cushion 18.75 inch.
Power Elevating Seat: Not Applicable


searching for the one of the lightest foldable power wheelchairs on the market today?  How about one that is airline approved and won’t break the bank?  Well you have found the perfect choice!  Introducing the all new Pride Mobility Jazzy Carbon Folding Power Wheelchair.  The Pride line of Jazzy Power Wheelchairs has now added another flawless model to its line up.


So you might be thinking, what makes this electric wheelchair so lightweight?  The Jazzy Carbon is made with a carbon fiber frame.  This type of material is the lightest and strongest material that exists.  There are some other power wheelchairs made of this material but cost significantly more.

However, Pride Mobility offers this chair at an affordable price.  The total weight of this chair is 39.6 LBS and the battery weighs 4 LBS.  Together, this chair only weighs 43.6 LBS which is unlike any other model that can support up to 300 lbs.


The Jazzy Carbon Travel Lite Power Chair by Pride Mobility is designed to comfortably take you wherever you need to go, whether it’s on a plane or traveling by automobile.  It is easy to fold this chair in just seconds and it folds into a compact size that can easily fit in the trunk of a car or be stored away in your closet.

Despite its ultra-lightweight carbon fiber frame, this chair packs a punch. It can travel up to 3.7 mph, offers a 9.3 miles per charge range, and can support up to 300 lbs of weight. Surprisingly, it weighs only 43.6 pounds and can be easily folded to securely store in an airline compartment or the back of a taxi.

Don’t know what to expect at your destination? No problem. The power chair’s front suspension and comfortable seat ensures a smooth ride on your journey. Free-wheel levers disengage the brake and allow the chair to be pushed manually in case you’d like to conserve some of the battery as well.


This foldable electric wheelchair is approved for airline travel, so if you are an active person who is always on the go, this is a great option.  It’s all about the journey; with all your travel needs to be taken care of, transferring terminals and changing between planes will be a snap.

Powered by an airline-compliant lithium-ion battery, breeze through security and roll all the way up to your gate in style. Use the spacious under-seat storage or back storage pocket to hold all of your travel must-haves.The removable joystick includes a built-in USB charging port to plug in your smartphone or tablet– forget having to search for an open outlet in the terminal. Travel in comfort with a padded seat back and soft, removable cushion.

Pride Jazzy Carbon Travel Lite Benefits and Features:

  • Joystick with built-in USB charger is removable for transport
  • Airline-compliant lithium battery*
  • Front suspension for a smooth ride
  • Ultra-lightweight, carbon fiber frame specifically designed for traveling
  • The compact base easily folds and unfolds for easy transport in a few easy steps
  • Padded seat back with storage pocket and soft, removable seat cushion for all-day comfort
  • Free-wheel levers easily disengage the brake, allowing this lightweight power chair to be pushed like a manual chair
  • Under-seat storage and adjustable lap belt
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