Zip’r Mantis Power Electric Wheelchair


Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Top Speed: 4.9 mph
Turning Radius: 22.4″
Drive Range: 15 miles
Heaviest Piece: 101 lbs
Disassembles: No
Ground Clearance: 2″
Seat Width: 18″
Seat Back Height: 30″
Seat Depth: 18″
Multiple Seating Options: No
Power Elevating Seat Option: Yes
High-Back Seat: Yes
Front Caster Wheel Size: 6″ X 2″
Rear Caster Wheel Size: 6″ X 2″
Overall Width: 26″
Overall Length: 42.3″
Foldable: No
Battery Type: 35AH
Batteries Included: Yes
Battery Charger Type: Off-Board
Weight With Batteries: 189 lbs

Zip’r Mantis Power Electric Wheelchair

looking for a stable, heavy-duty power electric wheelchair that rides on flat-free, non-marking tires? The Zip’r Mantis Power Electric Wheelchair provides you with durability, reliability, and comfort wherever you go. Select the power-adjustable seat option for even more unbeatable features.

Heavy-Duty Power Wheelchair

The Zip’r Mantis Power Electric Wheelchair is a heavy-duty electric wheelchair with a sturdy steel frame. This electric wheelchair can support up to 300 pounds. Powerful 35AH batteries will take you up to 15 miles on just one charge. The Zip’r Mantis has a top speed of 4.9 miles per hour, so you’ll never get left behind. You can also use the speed controls to reduce your maximum speed.

Great for Indoor or Outdoor Surfaces

With non-scuffing tires, the Zip’r Mantis Power Electric Wheelchair is perfect for indoor riding. The chair won’t leave marks on the floor so you can take it into any home. The Zip’r Mantis is also perfect for outdoor riding. The flat-free tires provide stable support, and you won’t get stranded with a flat tire. Anti-tip tires provide even more stability on uneven terrain or inclines. And with a ground clearance of 2”, you can get over most obstacles with ease. The Zip’r Mantis has a turning radius of 22.4 inches.

Supportive Seating

The Zip’r Mantis power wheelchair has padded foam cushioning for a great support. The 19” wide by 20” deep seat offers plush seating and a well-padded headrest. The armrests are also lightly padded for additional comfort. They can swing up to help you get on and off the electric wheelchair safely. The footplate is rubberized, preventing your feet from slipping off the footrest when you’re on the go.

An integrated seatbelt is included with all Zip’r Mantis Power Electric Wheelchairs. This safety belt keeps you securely in the middle of your seat when you ride on uneven surfaces or an incline.

Disassemble for Transport

The Zip’r Mantis can be disassembled to fit into most standard-sized trunks. The seat and the base come apart so you can take the wheelchair anywhere you need to go. Fully assembled, the power wheelchair weighs 189 pounds. When disassembled, the heaviest piece is 101 pounds.

Power Adjustable Seat

Opt for a power-adjustable seat when you get the Zip’r Mantis power wheelchair. This power seat lets you adjust your seat height in moments. The controller includes seat adjustment buttons that will raise and lower the seat by over 6 inches. If you have limited mobility, this power-adjustable seat can give you more confidence to see clearly, reach items, or move easily around your home. Effortlessly customize your seat height for every occasion with this great feature.

Intuitive Joystick Control

An easy-to-use joystick lets your control your power wheelchair intuitively. You can change directions, drive forward or backward, or turn, all by using the joystick. The controller can be mounted on either side for your comfort. It also includes a power button, a horn button, and speed controls so you can increase or decrease your maximum speed.

Zip’r Mantis Benefits & Features:

  • 6″ front and rear casters offer premium stability
  • The mid-wheel design maximizes maneuverability
  • Flat-free tires
  • Up to 15-mile range per battery
  • Highly programmable, 50 amp, PF VR-2 controller
  • 300 lbs. weight capacity


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